Deep Sky Travel Guide

Discover Star Clusters, Nebulae and Galaxies with your own Eyes

Ronald Stoyan

This unique deep sky observing guide features 666 double stars, star clusters, globular clusters, galactic and planetary nebulae, and galaxies. About 300 objects are described in detail. For each object, there is an in depth discussion on what it will look like in typical amateur instruments. Extra notes on how to find each object will help beginners greatly.

More than 300 illustrations show the deep sky objects as they actually appear in small telescopes. The largest selection of eyepiece drawings so far published helps with the identification. Additionally, the 100 best showpiece objects are shown in astrophotographs made under identical instrumental conditions. Other features include:

side register allowing quick search by constellation

atlas section of 16 pages including overview and finder maps

coloured milky way panorama map on 8 pages

detailed finder maps for small objects

graphs show the paths for more than 25 famous double stars

photos give identification labels for all major constellations

an in depth introduction to deep sky observing and drawing

This book is unique among deep sky observing guides and has been received so well by German language amateurs that the third printing appeared only three years after the first release.

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308 pages, 28cm × 21cm, ISBN 978-3-9807540-7-1, December 2004 (3. edition)

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