Deep Sky Travel Atlas

Quickly find Star Clusters, Nebulae and Galaxies

Michael Feiler, Philip Noack

The Deep Sky Travel Atlas is a new tool for amateur astronomers and has been designed to fit the needs of modern observers most conventiently. Unique features include:

imprinted telrad reticles to quickly locate objects

charts completely laminated

map arranged comprehensively and easy-to-use like in a road atlas

unique side register system with declination, right anscension and constellation labels


38 A4 format maps show the complete sky to magnitude 7.5 at a scale of 2° per centimeter. They include over 20000 stars and 666 deep sky objects. Each map is accompanied by a detailed data sheet containing notes on brightness, size, and distance on each featured object, including a short description. More than 300 objects are featured on detailed finder charts at a deeper scale and limiting magnitude. An asterisk classification system can be used for selecting objects quickly.

The pool of objects is identical with the »Deep Sky Travel Guide«. Cross refeneces allow the use of both volumes side-by-side, which complement each other perfectly: The »dream-team« for deep sky observers!

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80 pages, 21cm × 30cm, ISBN 978-3-938469-21-7, April 2008 (2. edition)

Handbuch Astronomie


Handbuch Astrofotografie
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