How to use a Telescope

A Reference Guide for Telescope Users

Ronald Stoyan

Novice telescope users face a lot of problems: How do I use the mounting properly? What eyepieces are reasonable accessories? What is meant by »lambda peak-to-valley«? This book has the answers to all beginners’ questions concerning the optics and mounting of an astronomical telescope and how to use them. Written comprehensively and illustrated richly, this volume merges all important facts and data in the field, without annoying the reader with long texts. Spiral-bound, the book is ideally suited for the use by the telescope – as the most important accessory beginners will need to have. Our bestseller!

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160 pages, 15cm × 21cm, ISBN 978-3-938469-22-4, June 2008 (4. edition)

(November 2013)

(September 2013)

Atlas der Großen Kometen
(November 2013)

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