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Dear publishers,

Oculum-Verlag is the only German language publishing company focusing on astronomy. Apart from our bimonthly astronomy magazine »interstellarum«, we publish a range of books, atlases, and software for astronomy enthusiasts and amateur astronomers.

We offer you publication rights for any language. You are invited to browse through our pages to look for novelties and the backlist. Please contact us if you have questions or like to have further information:

Ronald Stoyan
Oculum-Verlag GmbH
Obere Karlstraße 29
D-91054 Erlangen

Atlas of the Messier Objects, published by Cambridge University Press 8/2008
Deep Sky Travel Atlas
Deep Sky Travel Guide
Eye & Telescope 2.0
How to use a Telescope
Telescope Basics

Handbuch Astronomie


Handbuch Astrofotografie
(Mai 2016)

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